Tile sets

I'm creating a following "reference" mostly to refer it in other posts, to make things clearer and shorter there.

The distribution lists here are organised by tile type. Any type is defined by four letters referring to four sides of a tile.


CCCC is:

CCFF is:


FFRR is:


Since you can rotate tiles FFCC means the same as CCFF.

The arrangement always proceeds clockwise from the
top edge. Furthermore, the tile notation and section
headings are ordered alphabetically, according to the

1. cities (c)
2. farms (f)
3. roads (r)
4. rivers (s) - think of ‘streams’

That means that a city is always
placed at the top, and the rest of the tile described clockwise
from that starting point. If there is more than one city, the
first city - again seen clockwise - is placed at the top. If there is
no city at all, then a farm is placed at the top, and so on.

If you are looking for this tile:

You could call it RRFF, but you will find it as a FFRR, according to list above.

The internal content of the tile is not considered.

B oththose tiles are of the same type. Carcassonne has many dimensions and some compromises need to be made to made such list possible.

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