How to play

This page is not intended to explain the basic rules. There are soooo many videos and blogs that do this. I assume that you have a knowledge o the rules and start from that. .


Rules for Z-MAN new edition

Completed Annotated Rules, those contains all the rules, from all sets for classic Carcassonne (warning: may be confusing for new players. You can find those in two places, both requests login.
BGG here!
Carcassonne Central here!

Those are english rules, but I'm confident that after a bit of searching you can find manuals in other languages.

Ways to play carcassonne.

Following you will find few places where you can find English language rules and some ways to play Carcassonne digitally if you like this game so much that playing live is not enough.

Carcassonne for Android - Here!

Carcassonne for IOS - Here!

JCloster for PC - Here!

Board Game Arena for Web - Here!

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