Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Limited special edition – Carcassonne designed like a medieval book

What I write today is marked as a review, but this is more of a description / unboxing, as it is exclusive edition of Carcassonne that I have purchased recently. Rules included in this edition are exactly the same as in standard Carcassonne, so below you will find just description of components.

The game is packaged in protective packaging.


This edition is all about packaging in the form of a medieval book. The product has been handcrafted – in 55 individual steps – using ancient craftsmanship.
Only natural materials like vegetable tanned leather and hand-made paper have been used. Logo and name of the game is made with gold. Each copy comes with a proper certificate

The total edition is strictly limited to max.100 copies. 20 copies are reserved for the author and company for own use, so 80 copies are free to sell globaly. Each copy is assigned with an embossed, consecutive number.


Meeples are the same as in standard base edition. Tiles contain old edition graphics. Scoring track can be folded to fit the box.

Manual is printed on hand crafted paper.

To buy or not to buy

This one of the questions every one needs to answer himself. If you decide to do it. It is available at for a price  €649.00.

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