Monday, July 23, 2018

Tales from the (battle)field #5

Previous weekend I organised a little mega Carcassonne event. More as a training of facebook events. Unfortunately I have set up the time when game for third place in Russia took place, so we played with three players instead of expected 8.

I have used
2 x river
2 x base set
2 x trader & builders
2 x hills & ships
1 x princess and the dragon

around 280 tiles all together

First player ended up with 390, second 303 and I was last with 292. Notice that I have used custom scoring board printed on foamcore.

Dragon had no big impact on the game as all players were very careful with his movement. It did not affect any crucial areas.

Dragon entered a nice city once it was already empty.

I had a nice cooperation for above city with blue player. We were close to finish once he joined the meeple on the hill to this city (bottom right tile). At this point it was me or him. I have executed swift attack from the left flank. At one point there was only one tile missing, unfortunately blue player drew this nasty city tile with hole inside, cutting off my smaller part of the city.

Blue player managed to finish this weird city. Of course last two tiles in one go, thanks to the builder. Smaller city to the left was also finished with last tile of the blue player.

My conclusion from this game is that in Mega Carcassonne most of the standard tactics do not work. Opponents easily overcome all my attempts on blocking with weird expansion tiles. The best strategy for mega Carcassonne is just "carpe diem". Just get as much points as possible without thinking much about other players. Getting into food fight usually mean that you just waste your tiles while your opponents race the score track one bite at a time.

With so many tiles there is plenty of attractive fields for everybody.

For sure I will set up something like that again, hope to collect 8 players next time.

end map

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