Monday, July 9, 2018

New Carcassonne Spin-Off - Safari

You may know about Carcassonne around the world series of Spin-Offs. Currently it consists of South Seas, Gold Rush and Amazonas. Newest one will be released this autumn in Leipzig and Essen game shows. You can read some about it now here on Carcassonne Central forum. Graphical style teleport us into Africa.

I had a chance to play it last week during 1st International Carcassonne Meeting. While I am not allowed to describe much online (anyway, it was still a prototype) it is has some nice twists to scoring points. It generally follows the around the series approach. Some ways to easy scoring, little chance to be mean and steal or block. I will constrain myself from giving any opinions of posting photos until playing the final version. The only thing that I am afraid that I do not see (at this point) how this would attract new players to the series.

More news to come.


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