Saturday, April 28, 2018

Golden rules #6 - Never go for first choice

Never go for your first choice

Try to find some valid alternative. Consider, why this alternative is worse choice. Maybe it is not?
Maybe there is some freebie available? Always assume that the next tile is the one that he needs to connect to your city or field. If you have some chance to block him, take it immediately!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Spin-off - Star Wars and expansion 1

2015 marked release of another Carcassonne spin-off. Coincidentally day of release correlate with release of Force Awakens movie. That leads to suspicions that this is just another attempt to squeeze few additional bucks from the famous franchise. Is it only that? Does Carcassonne:Star Wars defends by itself? Would mechanics that were up this moment used to lay down rivers, road and meadows fit the galactic struggle? Carcassonne in its roots is an abstract game and all theme is just an excuse to paint something on tiles, so why not?


Tile set consists of 76 tiles. Reference list can be found in download section. Distribution closely match the set from classic Carcassonne base set, with few exceptions, so the faction symbols distribute evenly among similar features. Faction symbols (Rebel Alliance, Empire, Bounty Hunters) are painted on some of the tiles. Usage of those are described later.

Few of the tiles