Saturday, March 17, 2018

Strategy 101 #2 - Blocking is easy

Blocking is placing  your tiles next to opponents features, in a way that they cannot be finished. Each tile may be defined by it's edges configuration. If there is road, city or field on each edge. If to complete the city, player needs some tile, with configuration that so noty exists, such city is blocked and meeples occpying it, are trapped.

There is no tile to fit in space 1, so neighboring city, cloister and road are blocked. Red player blocked purple player with tile number 2.

Blocking may seem like a topic that only advanced players can handle. Is it really about remembering the whole list of 72 tiles? Actually is in only about membering few tile that are not there. Let's take a look at few examples, internal are not so important, just edges:

Two neighboring city edges and one road
One city tile and one road tile

Two cities and two roads on opposite sides


It is noticable that there are actually only three kinds on tiles to remember.

Roads are especially good for blocking. If you have no better idea to use the road tile, look if you can use it to block opponent.

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