Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Player's Diary #3 - Carcassonne für Zwei unboxing/review

Just few days ago I have received Carcassonne for 2 (2017), which re-implements Carcassonne Travel, which was published back in 2007. Following post was intended to be just a quick unboxing text with some photos, but I came into conclusion that this edition is purely about components. Unboxing is in fact a review. If you are one of those two board gamers, not familiar with what Carcassonne base game is, then you can find dozens of reviews online. Rules are exactly the same here. Last remark is even more important, because currently only German version is available.

Game is stored in solid metal tin


There is no doubt that playing Carcassonne by two players is a unique experience. For some it is the only proper way to play. Carcassonne  for Two leaves you no choice, by providing meeples in just two colors. They are a bit smaller than usual ones, and there is only six of them for each side. There is no scoring track included, so scoring meeple is not needed. Publishers recommends using some pen and paper for that.

Components comparison. Standard game on the left.

Tiles are smaller and thinner than those from standard game. They follow new edition graphic style. Actually those are exact copies, just shrinked. There are 48 tiles all together here. Two of them comes from Inns & Cathedrals expansion. You may find tile reference in downloads section. Less number of tiles result in shorter game time, which adds to overall "mobile" feel of this edition.

Yup, that's the whole contents of Carcassone for 2


There are no dedicated expansions for this version at this moment. Fortunately gardens from abbot expansion are still painted on tiles, so you can easily implement it, just by bringing additional Abbot meeple. Additionally, you can bring in any expansion, that do not contain additional tiles, eg. The Phantom (just The Phantom AFAIK).

Tiles are full of little graphical  elements that may (or may not) be used as a base for some future expansion. They may be used in some home brew / unofficial expansions.

Wish list

I live a life of perfectionist and I am really missing some finishing touches, which could make this edition perfect.

  • Better material for tiles: Tin is durable, I would like tiles to be durable too. Maybe from some kind of plastic. Making them waterproof would be nice.
  • Abbot meeple, If Gardens are already there, adding one meeple would not increase price so much but would add to replay-ability.
  • Some scoring track, Maybe magnetic one on tin cover.
  • Any kind of insert, Being carried around is a vital part of this edition's life style. I do not like those tiles bouncing around in the tin.
  • Other colors of meeples, with this size of the tin, other colors of meeples would be very easy to fit,
  • Size of the tin, If we agree, that more components are excessive, then tin could be half of current size and still fit components that are already there, while the whole thing would fit even into jeans pocket.
All of the components would fit in a tin this big

Luckily, some of those are quite easy to implement with some home made methods. Expect to see some update soon!

To buy or not to buy

Carcassonne for 2 makes Carcassonne more mobile. Is it needed? Standard Carcasoone does not make to much space anyway and is easy to carry for some vacation excursions. Of course I have standard edtion in mind, not Big Box one. You can even fit few expansions into base box and bring a lot of replayability with you. It is easier with insert.
I really hope that information provided will allow you to make informed decision. Because it is really up to you. Does Carcassonne fur Zwei fit your life style?

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