Thursday, March 1, 2018

Player's diary #2 - My thoughts on insert making

Insert making is so boring. So this time I decided to spice things up a bit and make it as fast as possible (without cutting myself). This made me thinking about some things that you may not hear in insert making tutorial online.

Do not use glue

All tutorials tells you to use glue. Use 3mm wide double side tape, believe me.

- No mess,
- No smell or toxic fumes,
- No spills or leaking,
- No pins necessary,
- It holds tight from the first second,
- Easy to apply,

Use proper knife

Use this ...
...instead of this

It is easier to handle. Cuts are much more clean and precise.

Do your research

Just look around on youtube beyond insert making tutorials. Foamcore is still intensively used in architectural design and prototyping. You can find very interesting videos with tips and tricks of some professionals who use foamcore at work for many years.

Now let's watch my attempt on first world (AFAIK) insert making speed running.

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