Friday, February 23, 2018

Player's diary #1 - My collection of classic Carcassonne

I would like to start my diary with presentation of my classic Carcassonne collection. As of beginning of 2018 it consists of two base sets and around 29 expansions (still missing few official ones). I'm a completionist but decided to collect only official expansions, this way maybe my collection one day will be completed.

I really wanted to able to put my whole collection into one box, and easily carry it around. Solution popped up, when I purchased Big Box number 5.

This way I have not only became the owner of second base set, Wheel of Fortune expansion and meeples in two new colors, but also got nice big container for my collection. I grabbed utility knife some foamcore and created what you are going to see in a second. That was my first insert, so the quality is not impressive.

After opening the cover you can see top layer, which contains:

  • On the left:
    • Manuals,
    • Various bags,
    • Catapult,
    • Phantom expansion.
  • On the right:
    • Scoring tracks
    • Wheel of Fortune

Under scoring tracks I have placed trays with meeples. Each color in separate tray. I definitely need to redo those trays since I have a lot more experience with foamcore inserts at this moment .

After lifting those trays we can see what's most important. Around 500 hundred tiles (I need to count them at some point) and a ton of different tokens. Enjoy the view!

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