Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Spin-off - The Ark of the Covenant

Is it possible for a Christian-themed game to be any good?

Today I would like to introduce one of the oldest spin-off in Carcassonne series, The Ark of the Covenant. There is not many reviews regarding that since availability of this game is very low.

Game is based on Old Testament story. There are prophets, deserts and apparently, the Ark, which travels along the map. The game is targeted for religious market, but the whole theme is not overwhelming in any matter. I could be as well called "Carcassonne: Raiders of the Lost Ark".


All tiles are painted in yellowish colors, which represents deserts with sheeps and wolfes running around, separated by grey cities. It is good enough, the colors are vivid (as much as dessert can by vivid) and pictures are sharp. Standard meeples are used with the addition of the ark token. There are versions of the game with The Ark made of wood or token put into plastic stand.
This is only (that I know of) Carcassonne spin-of that do not have "C" symbol on it's back.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Player's diary #1 - My collection of classic Carcassonne

I would like to start my diary with presentation of my classic Carcassonne collection. As of beginning of 2018 it consists of two base sets and around 29 expansions (still missing few official ones). I'm a completionist but decided to collect only official expansions, this way maybe my collection one day will be completed.

I really wanted to able to put my whole collection into one box, and easily carry it around. Solution popped up, when I purchased Big Box number 5.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Word Championship 2017

I'm proud to announce that on 29th of October my native, polish player Tomasz Preuss become world champion of Carcassonne during finale in Essen while game fair SPIEL.

More information here.

Enjoy watching final game!