Monday, February 6, 2017

Strategy 101 #1 - Big cities against small cities

Without doubt cities are the main source for points. On the other side there are few traps waiting for reckless player. Cities can be hi-jacked by other player. If you do not finish them till end of the game, you get only half of points. Finishing them can be fairly easy blocked. Let's take a look at some pros and cons of building big and small cities.

Small cities - pros

  • Can be occupied with just one meeple, which quickly goes back to your pool.
  • You can get free points.
  • There is little danger that this city won't be finished till end of the game.
  • Building many small cities next to your field, gets you additional points.
  • Opponents have less time to steal or block your city.

Small cities - cons

  • Building many small cities next to your opponents field gives him a lot of points. If you build two tiles city, this gives you just one point advantage.
  • Building many small cities at the same time may lead to situation where you need same tile to finish few of them.

Big cities - pros

  • You get a lot of points, finishing one big city often means winning the game.
  • No matter which city tile you get, you usually can attach it to your city.
  • No matter how big city is it still gives same amount of points for a field

Big cities - cons

  • You have to invest tiles not only to develop cities, but also to protect from blocking and stealing.
  • It is easier to block or steal. You loose a lot of investment in such case.
  • Big city usually joins few fields, so this gives few opportunities for enemy farmers.

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