Thursday, February 16, 2017

Carcassonne accessories - Swan Panasia sleeves

Please be advised, what you are going to see is for hard core Carcassonne freaks. By using it you are risking being a laughing stock for your friend.

I hope you have never experienced in person what happens if some liquid spills over Carcassonne tiles. They suck water like a sponge and are wasted in a blink of an eye. Another thing is that your Carcassonne tiles are shuffled all the time. Some people like to pick their random tiles from some bag, which makes them wear out even faster. Maybe you are just a storage freak like me, who will not play a game until all cards are sleeved and all sheets laminated. Well, here is something to answer your call.

Swan Panasia Premium Adhesive Sleeves are 47 mm x 47 mm sleeves fitted for Carcassonne tiles. Those comes in packs of 160. Which is enough to sleeve base game and first five expansions. Applying is very easy thanks to the adhesive strip on one side. Contrary to normal card sleeves, which have one side open, those Carcassonne ones wrap tile from all sides, so tiles cannot slip.

The protection is solid, sleeved tiles are still nice in touch and easy to shuffle, not slippery to much. It is possible to sleeve double tiles with two sleeves. I did not try doing that with half tiles, but I do not think that this would be possible.

Still, there are few problems, those are not enough to scare me off, but it is something to consider. Sleeved tiles takes a little more space, so they do not fit as perfectly.

Due to that they are not fitted for Carcassonne spin-offs that requires exact fit of  tiles or have bigger starting tiles. Those are:
  • City
  • Amazonas
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • New World
Tiles become glossy, so it makes difficult to play, when light is not directly over a table.

They still fit Tower without problems

With the price under 4 bucks they are worth giving a shot, even if you end up disliking them.

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