Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tales from the (battle)field #4

The are many discussions about when put your first farmer, but this not the time to discuss those. Please take o look how blue ended up, by placing his two farmers early in the game. He turned his two meeples into just 9 points.

Golden rules #3 - Do not put all your eggs in one basket

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

One of the ways to play Carcassonne is to build your projects in a way that putting one tile expands two project giving you more points. On the other hand it jeopardize ending both of them, because your opponent can block you. Please look at the example below. Blue was asking for trouble. He needed to fill spot number 1, but Red forbid that by putting tile on spot number 2, successfully blocking blue and trapping three of his meeples.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Golden rules #2 - Know your tiles

Know your tiles

You may have heard about tile counting. That will be a topic of a different strategy post. You should spend few minutes going through a list of tiles that came up with your Carcassonne manual.

You may notice that there are few combinations that do not exist. You will not find tiles like CFRF or CCFR. Knowing that will help you finish your projects and prevent others from finishing theirs. In Tails from the (Battle)Field you may find many cases when this knowledge helped to overcome the opponent.

Please take a look at the following example. Blue player cannot finish cloister, city and a road because of one tile which is missing in base set (you can find such in expansion).

Golden rules #1 - Save your last meeple

Save your last meeple

Do not use your last meeple unless you get one back with the same move.

No matter how big is this city for which you are fighting.

No matter how hard you have fought for this huge field.

No matter how long is the road you expand.

Save your last for last/last but one move. There are a lot chances for freebies along the game, do not miss out on them. It is really frustrating to miss a chance for free 4 points from a city because you lack free meeples. On the other hand it is very satisfying to control the game, due to your opponent running out of meeples.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tales from the (battle)field #3

A new city starts to develop in four player game. Red does not know at the moment that he starts something big.

Yellow tries to have piece of the cake.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Tales from the (battle)field #1

Green and Red build a mega city without getting into food fight. Blue is trying to join.

Red is trying to take over control over city.

Tales from the (battle)field #2

Three players in a 4 players game are participating in one big city. They can all potentially get a lot of point from mega city, leaving Green behind.